29 Easy Graduation Cap Ideas To Add Some Serious Eye Candy To Your On Graduation Day Look (2024)

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If you’re after some easy graduation cap ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

29 Easy Graduation Cap Ideas To Add Some Serious Eye Candy To Your On Graduation Day Look (1)

First off, CONGRATULATIONS!! I’m sure you’re currently fuelled with bittersweet feelings right now. Bitter because of all the memories you’ll be leaving behind at college but sweet because you’re about to embark on another exciting journey in your life and finally start earning a salary! (Ka-ching!)

Graduation is such an exciting time and will be one of the biggest days of your life. But the run-up to it, of course, will be pretty stressful especially if you’re planning a college graduation party, looking for college graduation dresses, graduation shoes, and so on.

Now, I’ve got one more thing for you to add to your list if the thought hasn’t crossed your mind already. How about going that one step further to really stand out from the crowd? Have you ever thought of adding graduation cap decorations to your list of things to buy ahead of the big day? What’s that you ask? Eye-candy for your graduation cap!

Graduation cap designs that are so unique and inspiring and will look so incredible in your graduation photos (and such a beautiful final touch to your graduation day outfit).

I’ve got a bunch of really great graduation cap ideas for you after feeling inspired by the most popular high school graduation cap ideas on the internet to see what designs are most popular with graduates and creating some of my very own for you (adding my very own (unique!) touch) to make some easy graduation cap designs that you will love!

Whatever it is you’re after, I can guarantee you’ll find it here and you won’t look back. I’ve made sure to include a range of simple graduation cap ideas to funny graduation cap ideas and I’ve even thrown in some Disney-themed graduation cap ideas for you too (because who doesn’t love Disney?!).

Also, don’t worry if you’re after last-minute graduation cap ideas as these designs are so easily downloadable and have been scaled to the size of a standard-sized graduation cap. So all that’s left for you to do is to get them printed and you’re all set!

Easy Graduation Cap Ideas

Don’t forget to pin it for later!

29 Easy Graduation Cap Ideas To Add Some Serious Eye Candy To Your On Graduation Day Look (2)

1. Thank You, Coffee


“Happiness is…coffee.” – The feeling of every college student that relies on coffee to see them through some of their toughest and most testing days. A true friend that never lets you down!

2.Dream Big Finish Strong

Get this graduation cap topper


You dreamt big to get into your chosen college and then worked your socks off to now get your degree. You’ve finished strong by graduating and starting the next chapter of life, now with a degree under your belt that no one can take away from you.

Now go on and dream big and finish strong with the next chapter of your life and don’t forget to celebrate yourself regularly when you meet your goals. You deserve it!

3. If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It


The prettiest of all Disney graduation cap ideas. All Disney films start off with a dream that eventually comes true. So well done to you for turning your life into your very own Disney film and making your dreams come true!

4.Call Me Nurse Victoria


All nurses are superheroes and that is a fact. Patient, resilient, kind, empathetic, and strong are just a few words to describe a few of the traits I’m sure you possess and have built over the years.

29 Easy Graduation Cap Ideas To Add Some Serious Eye Candy To Your On Graduation Day Look (8)

5.Transition College Graduation Cap

Get this Graduation Cap


That transition from freshman to sophom*ore to senior was so scary yet so exciting as that meant getting one year closer to graduating. Now enjoy the next transition…graduate!

6.Whatever, I’m Graduating. Cheers!


Remember, good vibes only from here on out. If anything gets in the way of your sunshine just tell yourself, ‘whatever I’m graduating’ and take a nice generous sip of your favorite drink! Bottoms up!

7.Four Years Later


4 years. 48 months. 1460 days. All that hard work has finally paid off. Here’s to the next 4 years being as memorable and as life-changing as the last.

8.Powered By Starbucks


One of my favorite funny graduation cap ideas has to be this ‘Powered By Starbucks’ design. Seriously though, find me a graduate that has pulled through 4 years of college without a trip (or 10000) to Starbucks!! I’ll wait.

9.I Nailed It

Get this I nailed Graduation Cap


You sure did! Piece of cake, done and dusted and onto the next!

10.Bye College Graduation Cap


Bye bye college, thanks for everything!

11.I’ve Turned From What If I Fall to What If I Fly


Remember all those times when you constantly doubted yourself and your capabilities? Well, look where you are now and start believing in yourself more and be confident in everything that you do from here on out. Now fly away to the next big thing life has in store for you! <3

12.Girls With Dreams Become Women With Vision

Get this Graduation Cap


One of the prettiest graduation cap decorations has to be this one. If you’re graduating this year as an optician, this easy graduation cap design is perfect for you (why not even frame it later and pop it up at your place of work?).

13.My Turn to Become a Teacher


One child, one teacher, one pen, one book can change the world…and you’re about to become a part of that change. You’re going to inspire your students so much just like your teachers inspired you. And that’s something your students will never forget.

14.Faith It Until you Make it


Always have faith and it’ll carry you through whatever hardships you’re facing. Have faith in yourself, your capabilities and most of all have faith that the future has some big things in store for you. So go chase your dreams and enjoy every second of them.

15.I’m Finding My Way


If you’re graduating with no immediate plans for what to do next, that’s absolutely ok.

Take your time, think about it properly and you’ll see the right opportunities come to you when the time is right and you’re ready for them. Meanwhile, just enjoy every minute of your big day. You’ll find your way soon enough.

16.Now Hotter by One Degree

Get this amazing graduation cap design


There’s nothing hotter than a woman with beauty and brains!

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17.I Wanted To Give Up But I Remembered Who Was Watching

Get this graduation cap


All those times when exam anxiety got the best of you, or the work got far too overwhelming and you just wanted to take the easy route and give up entirely…but you didn’t.

You probably realized that there are too many people counting on you to fail and would be happy if you didn’t succeed (yes these people unfortunately still do exist in the world!) and you wanted to prove them wrong.

Or perhaps you remembered your parents, who pushed you from your childhood days to work, work, and work but this time no one was there to push you while you studied on campus. So maybe you realized you owe it to them to keep that momentum going.

Or maybe your faith in God made you stronger and kept you going. Whatever it is, you pulled through and came out the other side, as a graduate!

18.Finally Graduation Cap


All those long sleepless nights staying up late revising for exams and cramming in any last-minute information your brain could absorb has finally paid off.

FINALLY, you’ve passed, and it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

19.The Tassel Was Worth The Hassle


Trust me when I say once your graduation cap is on your head and you switch your tassel from one side to the other, you’re going to be feeling SO good and on top of the world.

You’ll literally forget about all those long nights spent studying for finals and the stress that came with it. It was all worth it in the end, wasn’t it?

20.Don’t Touch My Crown


Come graduation day and you will officially be the queen of your own kingdom; so don’t let anyone touch the ‘crown’ on your head (the one with the GORGEOUS graduation cap design on it!).

Coronation day (I mean, graduation day!), here we come!

21.I Love Me To The Moon And Back

Get this graduation cap


And so you should. YOU made this happen so don’t you forget it. Love yourself for it and be proud of yourself too.

Don’t forget to indulge in a night of self-care and lots of pampering before graduation day. Try to make it a weekly habit too (#selfcaresundays) because once you start working it’s really easy to fall behind on self-care, so try not to fall into that trap.

22.A Grand Adventure is About to Begin


One of my favorite easy graduation cap ideas has to be this one. The butterflies (that were once caterpillars) break free and start their new lives and adventures. Be like a butterfly on graduation day. Beautiful, redefined, and ready to take on the world!

23.It’s Time For A New Chapter


It sure is! Whether you’re looking for high school graduation cap ideas or college graduation cap ideas this design is perfect for both. It’s the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter and guess what…it’s going to be amazing!

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24.Galaxy Graduation Cap


“Aim for the moon and if you miss you may hit a star”.

That is exactly what you have done throughout college to now get to where you are today, the star of the show and of your life! Be proud of yourself and continue to live by this saying in everything that you do going forward.

25.Finally, What’s Next?


YAY! you and your very own friends have made it to graduation day! So what goals will you be setting for yourselves next? Starting your very own business? Scored the job of your dreams? Getting married? Starting a family?

Whatever life goals are next on the cards for you, get excited! Don’t forget to stop over at your designated ‘Central Perk’ coffee shop with your friends for one last coffee and session of reminiscing before you all head your separate ways.

26.Thank You, Next


As Ariana Grande rightfully said “thank you, next” to all of her past loves for the lessons they taught her, the same goes for you and the lessons college and college life taught you!

Now it’s time to move on to the next chapter and learn a few more lessons on the way.

27.Work Hard in Silence, Let Success Make The Noise

Get this graduation cap


I really love this one and it’s always been a personal motto of mine. There are far too many people in the world that are constantly singing their own praises and letting the entire world know about every single one of their achievements, which I guess is fine but I’m not about that life.

I’d much rather work hard in silence, celebrate my own achievements (perhaps just with my very close circle of loved ones if it was a big one!) and then let my success speak for itself. Give this a try for yourself. Remember, you don’t need praise or validation from anyone, be your own cheerleader!

28.The Best Is Yet To Come

Get this graduation cap


As the saying goes, “you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

So just you wait and see what’s right around the corner for you. The best is always yet to come.

29.With Love and Pride, Today and Always


This touching design is a wonderful gift idea from parents to their children that are graduating. The words identify how every parent feels on their child’s graduation day and that is complete and utter love and pride in all of their achievements.

From the moment you were born, to when you reached all of your milestones (crawling, first steps, first words) and now seeing you graduate and ready to take your first steps into your chosen career.

I hope you loved this post about easy graduation cap ideas as well as all of the designs I’ve created for you. I wish you well on your big day and all of the success for the future too. Congratulations again!

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29 Easy Graduation Cap Ideas To Add Some Serious Eye Candy To Your On Graduation Day Look (2024)
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