HBO Max vs Max in Spain: Every Information You Need (2024)

Recently, HBO Max has been changed to Max, and many people need clarification on HBO Max vs Max in Spain. For your help, we are providing all the information you need to know the difference between HBO Max vs Max.

According to the big picture, Max will end up being more popular than HBO Max, which is now the top streaming provider. Max, which is essentially a combination of HBO Max and Discovery Plus, aspires to be “an enhanced streaming service.” By going through this article, you will understand all the HBO Max and Max Difference in the most easy way, which will convince you to Sign up for Max today.

Thus, although HBO Max included content like Peacemaker and the Batman and Harry Potter films, Max will have even more content from studios like Warner Bros. and DC Universe as well as HBO and Max Originals. How much more do you want? Well, Max will also provide programming from networks like HGTV, Food Network, Discovery, ID, TLC, and many more.

If you want to watch Max or HBO Max in Spain, you can still get it and access it from anywhere with ExpressVPN. Follow the blog for more details.

Detailed Description of HBO Max vs Max

Here is all the Max vs HBO Max detailed information.

ComparisonMonthly starting priceMonthly ad-free tier priceMonthly Ultimate Ad-Free tier priceContentStreaming qualityDolby Vision and AtmosSimultaneous streamsDownloadsAvailable
HBO MaxEUR€ 9.31 /mo EUR€ 14.92 /mo N/AHBO, HBO Max Originals, movies, DC, Adult Swim, Sesame Workshop, Studio Ghibli films, TCMUp to 4kSelect content330 (ad-free HBO Max)Now until May 23
MaxEUR€ 9.31 /mo EUR€ 14.92 /mo EUR€ 18.65 /mo Everything HBO Max had, plus Discovery contentFull HDSelect content, and only with Ultimate Ad-Free2 (4 with Ultimate Ad-Free)30 (ad-free Max), 100 (Ultimate Ad-Free)Starting May 23.

Talking about its in-depth review, there are things that are making the platform more attractive to the audience.

In-Depth Review of HBO Max vs Max

Are you thinking about how much is an HBO Max subscription. You might also be worried about the streaming quality of HBO Max vs Max or its outlook. Don’t worry, we have given all the information in this article.

  • Price and Plans
  • Content
  • Streaming Quality
  • Outlook

Is Subscription Plans for HBO Max and Max Change or Same?

The HBO Max vs Max Cost differs as:

PlanMonthly Starting PriceMonthly Ad-Free Tier PriceMonthly Ultimate Ad-Free Tier Price
HBO MaxEUR€ 9.31 /mo EUR€ 14.92 /mo N/A
MaxEUR€ 9.31 /mo EUR€ 14.92 /mo EUR€ 18.65 /mo
4K PlanEUR€ 18.65 /mo EUR€ 18.65 /mo EUR€ 18.65 /mo

Max will require a EUR€ 18.65 /mo subscription fee in order to stream content in 4K resolution. The exact number of 4K titles on Max has not been announced, although it will be larger than HBO Max’s library. Warner Bros. Discovery has also stated that current subscribers will have access to some capabilities, such as 4K, for up to six months after the App’s upgrade to Max.

As you know how much is Max, be also mindful with its availability in Spain. Just like HBO Max, Max will also be not available. But don’t worry; you can still access Max from in Spain with the help of ExpressVPN.

The good thing is that just like HBO Max, you can get Max free trial, but you must cancel Max or HBO Max subscription before the free trial ends or else the money will be deducted from your account – no difference here.

What is The Difference Between HBO Max and Max’s Content?

With “almost” 8 times as many 4K UHD movies and television as HBO Max, Max is the clear winner. There will be new 4K versions of many of your favorite HBO shows and movies, including Game of Thrones, The Last of Us, the Harry Potter films, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the Dark Knight trilogy, and the Matrix films.

You can still easily access Max or HBO Max on Windows and enjoy its content there with the same quality, especially more 4K content availability in the new version.

What Special Features and Streaming Quality Are Available For Max?

The price of the Ultimate Ad-Free Tier, which includes 4K UHD Max Streaming, has increased to EUR€ 18.65 /mo . In addition to restricting access to the ‘Ultimate’ Tier, Max also restricts Dolby Vision (a popular and branded version of high dynamic range video with higher contrast, punchier color, and darker black tones) and Dolby Atmos (immersive audio).

With an ad-free membership, you may still download up to 30 items; with Ultimate, that number increases to 100. The number of concurrent streams you may use with HBO Max has dropped from three to two, with the exception of HBO Ultimate subscribers, who can utilize all four available streams at once.

You can enjoy the same streaming quality available on Max in Spain with the help of the best VPN for Max or HBO Max, which is ExpressVPN. However, considering the service prospect is also something interesting to take a look.

Prospect: HBO Max vs Max

Sadly, unlike Discovery Plus members, HBO Max customers do not get this perk. Most of us will be able to witness the metamorphosis of HBO Max into Max today. Some users will be directed to the Max App. There’s just no way out of staying with Max at this point.

As an alternative, you can select from four distinct alternatives under a single umbrella: Ultimate, Ad-Free, Ad-Supported, or Cancel. If I were to answer your question personally? It’s between Ad-Free and Ultimate, and I know which one I’ll choose. Now we’re simply waiting to see how much 4K content Max can actually provide.

What is The Difference Between HBO Max and Max?

There isn’t a huge gap between the two. The combination of HBO Max and the Discovery+ service prompted Warner Bros. Discovery to unveil the new name for HBO Max: Max.

In essence, Max is nothing more than a blue version of HBO Max. They don’t want to lose their 20 million customers by bundling Discovery Max with their other streaming services. Thus the service will continue to operate independently from the others. Besides, Max will still be available on other platforms, like you can get Max or HBO Max on Roku, Firestick, Chromecast and etc.

And, it will also still be available on all the devices it was available on before. For example, you can access Max or HBO Max on Mac, Xbox, Smart TVs, etc.

In addition to all of the HBO Max content, Max subscribers also get access to a broad variety of real-world shows across categories, including reality, lifestyle, cuisine, true crime, and more.

You can continue your annual The Sopranos rewatch with confidence, as well as enjoy other episodes from the HBO cable network, like The Wire, Sex & the City, and Game of Thrones, all of which will continue to be available to stream on Max.

What To Do If You Have an HBO Max Subscription Already?

You can watch as long as you are paying HBO Max subscription cost, whether it be a stand-alone plan or one via your cable company. As an added bonus, the Max plans cost the same as HBO Max.

If you have brought your HBO Max subscription but reside in the non-US region, then you must connect through ExpressVPNto circumvent geo-restrictions.

Can I choose the Discovery Plus Bundle?

Yes, The programming of TLC, HGTV, and Food Network, among others, will continue to be available on Discovery Plus, but the service itself will continue to operate independently. Both the ad-supported and ad-free versions of the service are available for a monthly fee of $5 and $7, respectively.

No episodes or movies from the HBO, Warner, DC, or HBO Max libraries will be available on the service. However, not all of Discovery Plus’s content will be available on Max’s platform. Warner Bros. Discovery has not, as of this writing, made any packages available to customers who want to subscribe to both Max and Discovery Plus.

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How Can Someone Sign Up for HBO Max or Max in Spain?

Hers is how to performMax or HBO Max Sign up in Spain:

  • EnableExpressVPNand connect to theNew York server.
  • To subscribe, visit
  • Create an account by filling out the form.
  • Add the mode of payment and any applicable discount codes.
  • ClickStart to begin.
  • Pick a Profile and start the stream!

You can also sign up for your Max or HBO Max on iPhone to enjoy the shows and movies anywhere at any time. If you are looking for various other ways to pay for Max, that is fairly easy to do while you’re abroad.

Sign Up for HBO Max or Max with ExpressVPN!

Titles that HBO Max Removed, Are They Back For Max?

No, the new streaming service does not carry any of the 87 titles that were removed from HBO Max as part of WBD’s transfer to Max; those shows, along with the HBO Max service, are now only available in our memory or if we’re lucky, on FAST. HBO Max vs Max does not have that much of a difference, so many of the Max features are same of the HBO Max.

Is Max Still Valuable in 2023?

Yes, HBO Max users who are interested in the extra content offering may find Max to be a better price than Discovery+ (which now costs $4.99 per month or $6.99 per month for ad-free access).

On the other hand, the notion of paying an additional $4 per month as a penalty for optimizing one’s TV and audio system may be too much to ask of those who are very dedicated to HBO programming.

In addition to the great programming from Discovery, Animal Planet, and Food Network (my family and I are huge fans of Beat Bobby Flay), Discovery+ now provides a large selection of reality shows.


Is HBO Max the same as Max?

Yes, the name of the popular streaming service formerly known as HBO Max was changed to simply “Max.” Last month, Warner Bros. Discovery revealed its new moniker and its intention to combine the HBO Max and Discovery+ libraries. HBO Max vs Max is not completely different from each other. Some new features and libraries have been added to the Max.

What is The Reason HBO Max became Max?

Warner Bros. Discovery’s president of streaming, JB Perrette, announced in April that HBO Max will be rebranding as Max to promote the service’s extensive library of shows and movies. Between HBO Max vs Max, Max is better in terms of the library.

Did Max and HBO Part Ways?

There is no proof that Max and HBO have broken up. There has been no merger between Max and HBO; the former is a premium cable network, while the latter is a streaming service provided by Warner Bros. Discovery.

Does Max Comes Free With HBO Subscription?

No, HBO Max may be included at no extra cost with your standard HBO cable subscription from a cable or satellite provider.
If you already pay for HBO through HBO NOW or another streaming service like Amazon Prime Video, you may be required to pay an extra charge in order to have access to HBO Max. If you have an HBO subscription and are wondering if HBO Max is included, you should contact your HBO provider directly.

Wrap Up!

This is all the information you need to know about HBO Max vs Max. HBO Max vs Max both are two of Warner Bros. Discovery’s streaming services that can be easily accessed from anywhere with ExpressVPN. Previously known as HBO Max, Discovery+ programming is now part of the Max package.

When compared to HBO Max, Max provides a broader selection of content, including more reality series, documentaries, and lifestyle shows. Max is comparable in price to HBO.

HBO Max vs Max in Spain: Every Information You Need (2024)
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