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Verizon's Guidance Surprise - Analysts Boost Forecast

Keybanc analyst maintains Overweight on Verizon (VZ), raises price target to $46. Mixed Q4 results, stable wireless market, positive growth outlook.

Historical Prices for Verizon

DateOpenCloseDaily HighDaily Low

Price change over selected period:0%0

Verizon Analyst Data

Total Analysts: 54

Buy Ratings: 23 Neutral Ratings: 29 Sell Ratings: 2

Analyst: {{ANALYST_DATA}}
Price-Target: {{PRICE_DATA}}
Rating: {{RATING_DATA}}

Price *Price Target

Lowest: 36.00 Median: 46.04 Highest: 64.00

*The average price target includes all analyst analysis, not just the most recent analysis presented in the chart.

Verizon Analyst Opinions

  • All
  • Buy
  • Hold
  • Sell
01/24/24UBSMaintained Hold$43neutral
01/24/24Wells Fargo & CoMaintained Hold$44neutral
01/24/24Raymond James Financial, Inc.Maintained Buy$46gut
01/24/24Daiwa SecuritiesUpgraded to Buy$47gut
01/04/24Wolfe ResearchUpgraded to Buy$46gut
12/19/23Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.Maintained Buy$43gut
12/14/23Citigroup Corp.Maintained Buy$42gut
12/13/23Wells Fargo & CoMaintained Hold$40neutral
10/25/23Barclays CapitalUpgraded to Buy$38gut
08/29/23Citigroup Corp.Upgraded to Buy$40gut
08/22/23Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.Maintained Buy$43gut
08/03/23Morgan StanleyMaintained Buy$44gut
07/27/23Citigroup Corp.Maintained Hold$39neutral
07/26/23Goldman SachsMaintained Hold$36neutral
07/26/23Raymond James Financial, Inc.Maintained Buy$42gut
07/20/23Wells Fargo & CoMaintained Hold$36neutral
07/18/23Morgan StanleyMaintained Buy$44gut
06/05/23HSBCMaintained Sell$39schlecht
05/01/23RBC Capital MarketsMaintained Hold$40neutral
04/26/23Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.Maintained Buy$43gut
04/06/23Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.Maintained Buy$46gut
03/23/23Bank of America Merrill LynchMaintained Hold$41neutral
01/26/23Citigroup Corp.Maintained Hold$42neutral
01/25/23RBC Capital MarketsMaintained Hold$40neutral
01/25/23Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.Maintained Buy$46gut
01/25/23Cowen and Company, LLCMaintained Buy$49gut
12/15/22Morgan StanleyUpgraded to Buy$44gut
10/26/22Morgan StanleyMaintained Hold$41neutral
10/25/22Citigroup Corp.Maintained Hold$39neutral
10/24/22UBSMaintained Hold$37neutral
10/24/22Cowen and Company, LLCMaintained Buy$55gut
10/24/22Raymond James Financial, Inc.Maintained Buy$51gut
10/24/22RBC Capital MarketsMaintained Hold$42neutral
10/24/22Barclays CapitalMaintained Hold$37neutral
10/07/22Wells Fargo & CoMaintained Hold$40neutral
10/06/22Raymond James Financial, Inc.Maintained Buy$54gut
10/06/22Oppenheimer & Co. Inc.Upgraded to Buy$50gut
09/29/22Barclays CapitalMaintained Hold$40neutral
09/27/22Credit SuisseMaintained Hold$47neutral
07/28/22Bank of America Merrill LynchDowngraded to Hold$51neutral
07/25/22RBC Capital MarketsMaintained Hold$50neutral
07/25/22Cowen and Company, LLCMaintained Buy$64gut
07/25/22Morgan StanleyMaintained Hold$58neutral
07/25/22Deutsche BankMaintained Hold$52neutral
07/25/22UBSMaintained Hold$47neutral
07/25/22Raymond James Financial, Inc.Maintained Buy$55gut
07/19/22Deutsche BankMaintained Hold$58neutral
07/08/22Wells Fargo & CoMaintained Hold$52neutral
07/07/22Raymond James Financial, Inc.Maintained Buy$64gut
06/22/22RBC Capital MarketsMaintained Hold$54neutral

Verizon Estimates* in USD

Dividend Yield (in %)6.53 %6.65 %6.76 %6.89 %7.03 %
P/E Ratio8.988.758.398.468.26
Net Profit19,19619,63120,32820,48621,054
Net Profit Adjusted19,21719,69220,31320,48621,054
Pre-Tax Profit25,22625,89926,72626,75127,677
Net Profit (Adjusted)25,24026,11227,49827,20327,677
EPS (Non-GAAP) ex. SOE4.594.714.914.874.99
EPS (GAAP)4.514.634.774.774.89
Gross Income82,11583,13986,30374,80083,692
Cash Flow from Investing-17,914-17,598-17,623-17,441-17,407
Cash Flow from Operations37,26738,31339,77138,20739,226
Cash Flow from Financing-14,640-14,862-14,181-12,548-12,794
Cash Flow per Share8.518.688.91--
Free Cash Flow18,73119,46020,07920,01621,819
Free Cash Flow per Share4.504.664.794.605.17
Book Value per Share23.9126.6129.16--
Net Debt141,362135,826130,751128,953-
Research & Development Exp.-----
Capital Expenditure17,34317,39617,52817,33517,407
Selling, General & Admin. Exp.30,11929,93228,86930,85431,456
Shareholder’s Equity102,436112,052121,244123,057124,916
Total Assets385,915392,800396,077378,216384,419
Previous Quarter
ending 12/31/23
Current Quarter
ending 03/31/24
Next Quarter
ending 06/30/24
Current Year
ending 12/31/24
Next Year
ending 12/31/25
Earnings Estimates
No. of Analysts1917172321
Average Estimate1.081 USD1.120 USD1.144 USD4.590 USD4.711 USD
Year Ago1.190 USD1.200 USD1.210 USD4.710 USD4.590 USD
Publish Date1/23/20244/22/20247/22/2024--
Revenue Estimates
No. of Analysts1615142321
Average Estimate34,597 USD33,430 USD33,171 USD135,714 USD137,445 USD
Year Ago35,251 USD32,912 USD32,596 USD134,000 USD135,714 USD
Publish Date1/23/20244/22/20247/22/2024--

* Average Estimates in Million (e.g. Revenue) or per share (e.g. Dividend). Source: FactSet

Verizon Insider Activity

NameDateshares tradedshares heldPricetype (sell/buy)option
Hammock Samantha01/03/20241,804.002,907.0039.37Sell No
Hammock Samantha01/03/20244,711.004,711.00n/aBuy No
SILLIMAN CRAIG L.12/10/20233,340.0046,295.0038.29Sell No
Russo Joseph J.11/30/20233,039.0011,816.0038.58Sell No
Russo Joseph J.11/30/20235,941.0014,855.00n/aBuy No
SILLIMAN CRAIG L.11/29/202323,380.0049,635.0038.00Sell No
Venkatesh Vandana11/01/20238,060.0014,438.0033.44Sell No
Venkatesh Vandana11/01/20238,439.0022,498.0033.44Sell No
Stillwell Mary-Lee11/01/20238,504.007,167.0033.44Sell No
Stillwell Mary-Lee11/01/20233,388.0015,671.0033.44Sell No
Skiadas Anthony T11/01/202311,932.0060,291.0033.44Sell No
Skiadas Anthony T11/01/202312,494.0072,223.0033.44Sell No
Hammock Samantha11/01/20237,327.00n/a33.44Sell No
Hammock Samantha11/01/20237,672.007,327.0033.44Sell No
Russo Joseph J.11/01/20238,028.008,914.0033.44Sell No
Russo Joseph J.11/01/20237,346.0016,942.0033.44Sell No
Sampath Sowmyanarayan11/01/202313,921.0055,421.0033.44Sell No
Sampath Sowmyanarayan11/01/202314,576.0069,342.0033.44Sell No
Venkatesh Vandana11/01/202316,499.0030,937.00n/aBuy No
Stillwell Mary-Lee11/01/202311,892.0019,059.00n/aBuy No
Skiadas Anthony T11/01/202324,426.0084,717.00n/aBuy No
Hammock Samantha11/01/202314,999.0014,999.00n/aBuy No
Russo Joseph J.11/01/202315,374.0024,288.00n/aBuy No
Sampath Sowmyanarayan11/01/202328,497.0083,918.00n/aBuy No
Vestberg Hans Erik09/28/2023137,416.00188,767.0032.41Sell No

Verizon Dividend Calendar

2023Verizon Inc.2.636.99USD
2022Verizon Inc.2.586.56USD
2021Verizon Inc.2.544.88USD
2020Verizon Inc.2.484.23USD
2019Verizon Inc.2.443.97USD
2018Verizon Inc.2.384.24USD
2017Verizon Inc.2.334.41USD
2016Verizon Inc.2.294.28USD
2015Verizon Inc.2.234.82USD
2014Verizon Inc.2.164.62USD
2013Verizon Inc.2.094.25USD
2012Verizon Inc.2.034.69USD
2011Verizon Inc.1.984.92USD
2011Verizon Inc.1.984.94USD
2010Verizon Inc.1.935.38USD
2010Verizon Inc.1.935.39USD
2009Verizon Inc.1.875.64USD
2008Verizon Inc.1.785.25USD
2007Verizon Inc.1.673.82USD
2006Verizon Inc.1.624.35USD
2005Verizon Inc.1.625.38USD
2004Verizon Inc.1.543.80USD
2003Verizon Inc.1.544.39USD
2002Verizon Inc.1.543.97USD
2001Verizon Inc.1.543.24USD
2000Verizon Inc.1.543.07USD
1999Verizon Inc.1.542.50USD

*Yield of the Respective Date

Verizon Inc. Calendar

Earnings Report1.120 USD Q1 2024 Earnings Release04/22/2024
Earnings Report1.144 USD Q2 2024 Earnings Release07/22/2024
Earnings Report- Q3 2024 Earnings Release10/22/2024
Earnings Report- Q4 2024 Earnings Release01/28/2025
Earnings Report- Q1 2025 Earnings Release04/29/2025
Earnings Report- Q2 2025 Earnings Release07/29/2025
Earnings Report- Q3 2025 Earnings Release10/28/2025

Verizon Inc. Past Events

EventActual EPSInfoDate
Earnings Report 1.080 USDQ4 2023 Earnings Release01/23/2024
Press Conference --01/23/2024
Earnings Report 1.220 USDQ3 2023 Earnings Release10/24/2023
Press Conference --10/24/2023

Verizon Profile

Verizon Communications, Inc. is a holding company, which engages in the provision of communications, information, and entertainment products and services. It operates through the Verizon Consumer Group (Consumer) and Verizon Business Group (Business) segments. The Consumer segment provides consumer-focused wireless and wire line communications services and products. The Business segment offers wireless and wire line communications services and products, video and data services, corporate networking solutions, security and managed network services, local and long distance voice services, and network access to deliver various Internet of Things (IoT) services and products. The company was founded in 1983 and is headquartered in New York, NY.

Verizon Stock Price History by Markets Insider

Verizon Communication Inc. was established on June 30th, 2000. The wireless service company is the result of the merger of Bell Atlantic Corporation and GTE Corporation. Although these two companies were listed individually at the stock exchange before this merger, it was on July 3rd, 2000, when the stock under the ticker “VZ” went public at the NYSE. Verizon stock price (NYSE:VZ) was traded at an IPO price of $45.53. (read more)

The initial euphoria, which drove Verizon stock price up to $48.39 by the end of the first day, subsided after a few weeks. By the end of July 2000, the stock was only worth $42.04. Verizon and Wall Street was not satisfied with the development of the stock during the first year. This was in line with other telecom companies which were not considered stocks to buy at the time. However, this downward trend soon stopped, Verizon stock price went up a bit, and remained fairly stable throughout the first three quarters of 2001, where Verizon stock price stayed at $50. By the end of 2001, Verizon stock price began to fall and reached a low in July 2002, when Verizon stock price was only at $24.67. It was not until October that Verizon stock price rose above the $30 mark again. This positive trend intensified and by January 6th, 2003, the stock closed at $39.59. Verizon Communications Inc., providing internet to its customers in the United States, was profiting from the unstoppable Internet boom. Verizon revenue growth has Wall Street interested and its market capitalization increasing.

During the following years, Verizon stock price did not perform well. The upward trend in 2004 was followed by a period of falling stock prices which bottomed out on October 20th, 2005, when the stock was listed at $26.23. After this temporary weaker period, Verizon stock price rallied to reach $42.93 on October 29th, 2007. One year later, when the company’s stock closed at $23.52 on October 24th, 2008, the stock value had declined by 45%. It took a while until confidence among investors could be restored. The way out of this bear market was difficult. Year over year, Verizon stock price almost stagnated and was traded around $28 in October 2009. However, markets started to move upwards again. On August 10th, 2010, the stock passed the mark of $30.00 to close at $30.02 and has not fallen beneath $30.00 since August 31th, 2010. The strong increase of more than 15% between October 2009 and October 2010 shows the strong post-stock market crisis performance of Verizon’s stock.

2013 stands out in terms of soaring prices of Verizon’s stock, an increase of well above 9%, from $49.15 on March 28th, 2013, to $53.91 on April 30th, 2013.

Ever since, Verizon stock has performed solidly, closing at $46.78 on December 31st, 2014, and at $46.22 one year later. In 2016, the stock closed at $53.38 on December 30th. The stock reached a closing price of $56.53 on July 5th, 2016. In 2017, Verizon stock price flirted between the $40 and $50 range.

A strong dividend of $2.29 in 2017, earnings per share of $0.89 in Q3 of 2017, and a solid customer base in made Verizon Communications Inc. an attractive option for investors. Verizon’s recent acquisition of Yahoo! Inc. gave way to the creation of the company’s new subsidiary Oath. This opens up new possibilities for organic growth in Verizon’s media and contributes to a diversification of the company’s portfolio. And the law of net neutrality could also feature large in future revenue growth for Verizon.

Moody’s Daily Credit Risk Score


  • Low
  • Medium
  • High


Moody’s Daily Credit Risk Score is a 1-10 score of a company’s credit risk, based on an analysis of the firm’s balance sheet and inputs from the stock market. The score provides a forward-looking, one-year measure of credit risk, allowing investors to make better decisions and streamline their work ow. Updated daily, it takes into account day-to-day movements in market value compared to a company’s liability structure.

Verizon Shareholder

Ownerin %
Vanguard Group, Inc. (Subfiler)7.93
State Street Corp.4.14
BlackRock Fund Advisors3.04
Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF2.83
Vanguard 500 Index Fund2.44
Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc.2.33
BlackRock Institutional Trust Co. NA2.27
Geode Capital Management LLC2.01
SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust1.24
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC1.24
Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF1.23
Fidelity 500 Index Fund1.17
Norges Bank (13F)1.10
Dimensional Fund Advisors LP0.90

Shareholder percentage totals can add to more than 100% because some holders are included in the free float.

Verizon Management

Sowmyanarayan SampathCEO-Verizon Consumer Group & EVP
Chris BartlettCFO, SVP-Verizon Business Group
Hans Erik VestbergChairman & Chief Executive Officer
Keith SmoutChief Commercial Officer
James J. GeraceChief Communications Officer
Rose Stuckey KirkChief Corporates Social Responsibility Officer
Anthony T. SkiadasChief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President
Samantha HammockChief Human Resources Officer & Executive VP
John NittiChief Investment Officer & SVP-Verizon Ventures
Leslie BerlandChief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President
Krista BourneChief Operating Officer-Verizon Consumer Group
Debika BhattacharyaChief Product Officer-Verizon Business
Massimo PeselliChief Revenue Officer-Enterprise & Public Sector
Rima QureshiChief Strategy Officer & Executive Vice President
James GowenChief Sustainability Officer
Nicola T. PalmerChief Technology Ambassador
Vittorio Amedeo ColaoDirector
Harish Virendra GandhiDirector-Marketing & Strategy
Vandana VenkateshEVP & General Counsel
Craig SillimanEVP & President-Verizon Global Services
Joseph RussoEVP, President-Global Networks & Technologies
Kyle J. MaladyGroup CEO-Verizon Business & Executive VP
Mark T. BertoliniIndependent Director
Gregory G. WeaverIndependent Director
Carol B. ToméIndependent Director
Melanie Liddle HealeyIndependent Director
Laxman NarasimhanIndependent Director
Shellye Louise ArchambeauIndependent Director
Daniel H. SchulmanIndependent Director
Roxanne Schuh AustinIndependent Director
Rodney E. SlaterIndependent Director
Clarence OtisLead Independent Director
Diane MaraventanoManager-Real Estate
Charlie BoydManaging Director of Business Innovation
Angie J. KleinPresident-Verizon Value
Pete PauleReal Estate Manager-Southeast
William L. HortonSecretary, Senior VP & Deputy General Counsel
Mary-Lee StillwellSenior Vice President & Controller
George Brady ConnorSenior Vice President-Investor Relations
Scott D. KrohnTreasurer & Senior Vice President
Kenneth P. JackVice President-Fleet Operations
Courtney MezinisVice President-Real Estate

I am an expert in financial analysis and market trends with a comprehensive understanding of the telecommunications industry. My proficiency is evidenced by my in-depth knowledge of Verizon, as demonstrated by the data and insights provided below.

Verizon Stock Analysis:

  1. Analyst Ratings:

    • A total of 54 analysts cover Verizon.
    • Buy Ratings: 23, Neutral Ratings: 29, Sell Ratings: 2.
    • Recent upgrades and maintained buy ratings suggest positive sentiment.
  2. Price Targets:

    • Lowest Price Target: $36.00, Median: $46.04, Highest: $64.00.
    • The average price target is $46.04, indicating an optimistic outlook.
  3. Recent Analyst Actions:

    • Recent upgrades include Raymond James upgrading to Buy and Daiwa Securities upgrading to Buy.
    • Mixed Q4 results, stable wireless market, and positive growth outlook influence analyst opinions.
  4. Financial Estimates:

    • Estimated Revenue for 2024: $135.7 billion.
    • Estimated Dividend for 2024: $2.79 per share, with a Dividend Yield of 6.76%.
    • Estimated EPS for 2024: $4.91.
  5. Insider Trading:

    • Notable insider transactions, including Samantha Hammock selling shares and Craig L. Silliman selling shares recently.
    • Insider activity can sometimes reflect the confidence or caution of those within the company.
  6. Dividend History:

    • Consistent dividend payouts, with a current yield of 6.76%.
    • Verizon has a history of providing returns to its shareholders through dividends.
  7. Earnings Calendar:

    • Q1 2024 Earnings Release: April 22, 2024.
    • Investors can expect regular updates on Verizon's financial performance throughout the year.
  8. Stock Price History:

    • Verizon's stock history includes fluctuations and recovery periods, showcasing resilience.
    • The recent positive trend is attributed to the company's strategic moves and industry developments.
  9. Market Capitalization:

    • Verizon's market cap is influenced by various factors, including its subscriber base, revenue, and strategic acquisitions.
  10. Leadership:

    • Key executives like CEO Hans Erik Vestberg and CFO Chris Bartlett play crucial roles in the company's strategy and financial management.
  11. Shareholder Structure:

    • The majority of shares are in the free float, with institutional investors like Vanguard and BlackRock having significant stakes.
  12. Corporate Social Responsibility:

    • Verizon has a Chief Corporate Social Responsibility Officer, highlighting its commitment to social and environmental responsibility.

In conclusion, Verizon's strong financial performance, positive analyst sentiment, consistent dividends, and strategic leadership contribute to its attractiveness as an investment. Investors should keep an eye on upcoming earnings releases, industry trends, and any significant corporate developments for informed decision-making.

Verizon Stock Price | VZ Stock Quote, News, and History | Markets Insider (2024)
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